Get. Tested. NOW.

Whenever any person is sexually active and careless about it, there is a good chance that person has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. An STD infection is far easier to get than a lot of people think. Part of the problem is all the mythology and bad information circulating about both sex and sexual diseases. People are willing to believe all kinds of nonsense about how they can’t get infected, or how these diseases are somehow not circulating. There is also a lot of basic ignorance on the subject. Young people in particular enter into relationships unaware of the most basic facts about the potential hazards of unprotected sex. From a wider perspective, the picture is a truly frightening one. These factors are helping to drive the rising rates of infection reported by the Center for Disease Control and public health officials nationwide.

Experts are all agreed upon one very clear message: Get Tested NOW. It is not really possible to overemphasize this necessity. Verifying whether or not an STD may be present in one’s body if one has been involved in multiple relationships, or even one relationship with a person who’s own sexual history is unknown, is imperative. When officials state the necessity of getting tested, the intent is not to frighten but to provide very sound common-sense advice.

Suppose there is a prospective partner one wants to become deeply involved with? Does it not make sense for that person’s own peace of mind, if for no other reason, to be able to know there is no sign of infection before taking the relationship to a serious level? Certainly for one’s own peace of mind, getting tested is a good idea. It’s not an admission of anything, just an assumption of responsibility. Indeed, to be willing to get an STD test demonstrates how highly you regard the other person’s own concerns and safety prior to initiating a sexual relationship.

Half the total number of reported STD cases are occurring in the segment of the population falling within ages 15 to 24. The number of sexually active teenagers who fail to use condoms or other forms of physical protection is around 40%. This fact alone should motivate anyone to take greater care with securing one’s own sexual health. For more information, click here. Learn the pertinent facts, the myths, and the advice of medical professionals for yourself. Then get yourself tested today.